Although the UNIFLEX systems are "press-ready" and can be printed under most circumstances, UNIFLEX has a range of specific Auxiliaries and Additives to improve the versatility in order to achieve excellent prints.



  UNIFLEX Auxiliaries can be added in any quantity as they are all balanced plastisols and will cure effectively.
  UNIFLEX Additives, however, are selectively added to modify the print performance of the ink and as such are limited in their addition percentage.
Curable Reducer
Used to thin down, soften the hand and extend existing UNIFLEX COLOURS
Soft Extender
Used to extend and soften the hand of existing UNIFLEX COLOURS while maintaining a constant viscosity.
Opaque Base
Used to extend and increase the opacity of existing UNIFLEX COLOURS while maintaining constant viscosity, also used as the base for UNIFLEX INTENSITY BOOSTERS.
Stretch Extender
Used to increase stretch properties and lower cure temperatures of UNIFLEX COLOURS maintaining a constant viscosity.
Glitter Base
Use as the base of choice for metallic and glitter printing, produces highly elastic and prints.
White Reducer
Add to any UNIFLEX WHITE when a lower viscosity is required without loosing opacity printing through higher mesh counts.
Printable Adhesive
Used as an adhesive in transfer printing onto difficult substrates, as well as an additive to any UNIFLEX COLOUR to improve adhesion.
Puff Neutral and White
Used as a puff base in direct and transfer printing under UNIFLEX COLOURS. Puff Neutral be added to any standard UNIFLEX COLOUR to produce embossed prints
Used when a highly effective reducer at low addition levels is required
Stretch Reducer
Used to reduced high stretch UNIFLEX COLOURS when a highly effective reducer at low addition levels is required.
Thickener Liquid and Powder
Used to increase viscosity of UNIFLEX COLOURS when required.
Nylon Catalyst
Used to increase adhesion and durability (toughness) of UNIFLEX COLOURS by additional chemical curing after standard oven curing.
Puff Additive
Added to standard UNIFLEX COLOURS to create an embossed or puffed effect. Also used to reduce gloss value of a print.
Added to reduce hot after flash tack during multicoloured prints, when there is no cool down station after the flash unit.
Intensity Boosters
Often referred to in the trade as "colour boosters". A higher colour concentrated plastisol to be used together with UNIFLEX OPAQUE BASE to produce colours with a higher intensity than those found in the 8000 and 9000 series.