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UNIFLEX is an outstanding Plastisol printing ink that has been evolved by the total dedication to develop and produce the finest ink possible. This, together with the valuable input from the end-user and the knowledge base built up from many years in the printing industry have all combined to produce a product of which we are very proud and totally confident.

The UNIFLEX Plastisol Printing System is a comprehensive management and production solution for the modern, competitive printer. It includes the following:

The Chemistry

Full range of Plastisol inks in 12 standard colours.
Also available in Super Opaque and Phthalate-free ranges.
Complete set of bases, auxiliaries and intensity boosters (increases colour strength in all ranges).
An exciting palette of speciality inks, such as glitters, shimmers, puffs, phosphorescent (glows in the dark), fluorescent, high density, gel print and reflective inks to mention a few…

Colour Management

PANTONE® approved. All 1,114 solid PANTONE® Colours have been physically matched, printed and verified.
An additional 11,300 shades are represented in our unique UNIFLEX Reference Card System. This is the ideal colour management tool as it has been printed with the actual plastisol, onto both light and dark fabric, with and without underbase.
Easy to use colour formulation guides are available for both of the above colour matching systems.
Sampling kit allows the printer to accurately record and file custom colours
Fully integrated computer software for recipe recording, editing and issuing.

Management Software

Additional software modules provide the effective management and control of stock, job costing and prediction of ink usage per job.

The UNIFLEX interactive CD-Rom is a comprehensive guide to plastisol printing that features:-

A glossary of technical terms
FAQ's and answers,
Tips, hints and techniques,
Data and MSDS sheets
Instructional Video clips

This CD-Rom not only acts as a guide for the printer, but is designed to instill confidence that the UNIFLEX Plastisol Printing System is well supported. In turn, it will provide the necessary training foundation when recruiting new print personnel.